Working for Peace

GFI is a non-denominational organisation established in 2015 to promote a better understanding of the State of Israel through the advancement of educational, cultural and social activities in Glasgow, Scotland and the UK.

The general public is being denied accurate, truthful and verifiable information about Israel and the general situation in the Middle East whilst at the same time being constantly subjected to consistent propaganda that seeks to delegitimise Israel. Furthermore, there are various anti-Israel organisations that undertake social and political activities in order to completely isolate Israel and seek its destruction.





GFI is taking positive actions to oppose these activities. We present the Truth about the only democratic state in the Middle East which holds itself accountable to internal and external scrutiny. Israel seeks to defend the human rights of all its citizens whether Jews, Arabs, Christian and others. It is the only country in the region where the Christian population is increasing

Glasgow Friends of Israel will soon celebrate our fifth birthday. Five years of manning our Peace advocacy stall on Buchanan Street every week for this whole period. We speak to and educate the public about the Middle East conflict and the importance of Peace for both the Israeli and Palestinian people, whose leaders are now cooperating together in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.

Working together for Peace


GFI advocates for peace for both the Israeli and Palestinian people and our slogan and motto is not one sided in support of Israel but is ‘pro Israel, pro Palestinian, pro Peace‘ in order to promote the rights of both people to self determination and nationhood.


Since 2015, GFI has established a presence on Glasgow’s Buchanan Street with a pro-peace stall, manned by Christians, Jews, Hindus and people of no faith. We are determined to meet the public and engage in constructive and civilised discussion about Peace in the region.

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Advocating for Peace

GFI is working towards the creation of a lasting peace based on dignity, security, equality, and respect for the human rights of all Israelis and Palestinians.

Israel is the only country in the Middle East where you will find:-

- Democarcy
- Women's rights
- Gay rights
- Freedom of religion
- Free press
- Independent judiciary
- Equal pay for men and women